Boys Basketball

Junior Boys ( 5-6 yrs old) The younger you start the better. Boys will learn basic skills of basketball and fun too. 45 mins of pure excitement each week. We will focus on dribbling, shooting and passing with games incorporated to help teach the skills. Scrimmages will help teach the basic fundaments of the game and a year end game or tournament will be celebrated for their amazing achievements.

Intermediate Boys (7-9 yrs) Basic skills and fundamentals will be taught through fun drills and scrimmages for one hour each week. We end our season always with a year end game or tournament to celebrate their amazing commitment and achievements.

Senior Boys (10-12 yrs) Basic skills will be taught through cutting edge drills and skill testing each week for one hour. Players will learn the game and play games each week to develop and increase their skills. Again, we always end our season with a fun game or tournament to celebrate their commitment and achievements.

Girls Basketball

Ages 7 + will learn the basic fundaments and skills of basketball each week for one hour. Through skills and scrimmages they will develop into confident strong players. They are guaranteed to have fun learning this amazing sport in which they can go further on to enjoy in high school, college or university.