Dance Classes

September – May
We love to dance! Our cutting edge dance classes are available the beginning of each September and will end in May.   The classes will help keep students active, build self-confidence, set goals, increase coordination, meet new friends and feel apart of a team. All levels of ability are welcomed. There are classes available for ages 3 and up. We also offer Special Needs/Adaptive dance classes as well. (See Special Needs page for more information)

Our space offers two modern studios for students to be inspired and motivated in. Affordable dance classes are waiting for you to enjoy now.

Private Lessons are available all year.

Ambassadorz Performance Group (12+)

A group designed to represent No Limits at all events. Instructors choose students who show the most positive attitude towards instruction, others and the style of dance, and who express the desire to achieve greater success in Hip Hop. Students are required to commit to one full year of practices and all events. Practices are 1 to 2 hrs long and many different routines are learned. They face challenging advanced dance moves from all our instructors and have a chance to further skill in the area of leadership in becoming a potential future instructor. It’s all about paying it forward. This is not for everyone, and only a few are chosen.

Each year the Ambassadors will be given the option to compete in dance competitions in Ontario. This is a great opportunity to show the amazing talent from No Limits and will give our students the experience needed to develop their talent both as a dancer and an instructor.

Our Dance Classes

  • Little Hipsters (3-4 yrs)

    Designed to introduce preschoolers to hip hop in a fun and creative way. Over a period of 10-12 weeks they will learn the basic moves of hip hop and have a chance to perform at our performance at the end of the season. (February – April)

  • Pre Hip Hop ( 5-7 yrs)

    During the season they will learn a choreographed routine with basic beginner hip hop moves for our year end performance. Students do a warm up routine each week that includes fun interactive games.

  • Junior Hip Hop ( 8-10 yrs)

    Beginners are welcome in all our opportunities. Juniors learn a choreographed routine for our year end performance. Students will continue to learn basic moves with some more advanced flare. And of course there is always some fun after all the hard work.

  • Intermediate Hip Hop (11-12 yrs)

    Beginners are always welcomed. Students at this age are challenged with the more advanced moves of hip hop. They will learn a choreographed routine for the year end performance and are required to be at every practice. They will learn what it is to be a leader and team player.

  • Senior Hip Hop ( 13 yrs +)

    Beginners are always welcomed. Students are pushed to be challenged and encourage to reach their full potential in the area of Hip Hop dance. Advanced moves are taught . It’s mandatory for all students to be at every practice. Students have the opportunity to help and take leadership in our pre hip hop, little hipsters and special needs programs. At this age they are a leader.

  • Beginner B-Boys Breakdancing (5-7yrs)

    Beginner Boys will be introduced through basic moves the art of breakdancing.  They will learn to discover rhythm through the beat of the music and how to express themselves in there own individual way.

  • Intermediate B-Boys Breakdancing (8 yrs +)

    Boys will be challenged to develop more advanced moves and will be encouraged to express their unique creative style. They will practice their own unique style of dance for the year end performance.

  • Lyrical Hip Hop ( 7 yrs +)

    It’s best that dancers have at least two years of experience of dance and performing. This unique expressive style dance will teach students how to control their movements, work as a team, and show expression with facial and body movements to create a dramatized story through the choreographed hip hop dance. It can be a positive emotional experience for dancers. This class will work hard together to create a choreographed routine for the year end performance. Students must be focussed, patient and have good listen skills to be a part of this wonderful experience.

  • B-Girls Breakdancing ( 7 yrs +)

    An all girls class designed to teach basic moves of freestyle dancing. Students will practice each week to improve their ability to create their own unique style of dance for the year end performance.

  • Private Lessons (any age and ability)

    Lessons are available any day of the week depending on the choice of your instructor’s schedule. ½ hour and hour lessons can be scheduled. This is a great way to increase your skill and develop better movements in the area of hip hop and breakdancing. One on one is only better for individuals that are passionate about moving forward in the future with dance.