No Limits founded in 2012 and became a non profit corporation on November 07, 2014.

Peter and Brenda Gabriel who have three children, including one who has autism, have over 20 + years of experience working with youth through coaching and mentoring. In 2012 they developed the concept of No Limits and began creating opportunities that their community didn’t offer, that were inspired by their own children because there were shortfalls on the choices available. They also wanted to keep fees as low as possible, so that ALL youth (including those with special adaptive needs) would have the chance to explore, discover, and achieve success.

They are both very passionate about making a difference in their community. Peter and Brenda believe that youth who have more opportunities to discover themselves, develop stronger self-confidence and see a brighter future. They believe that youth require these experiences to achieve their full potential. When it comes to potential, there are NO LIMITS! It’s what every child deserves, right?