Camp Registration

There are many different camps to choose from. Our summer camp opportunities are a great experience for all youth. This is our first year offering summer camps and they will continue to expand each year.

Dance Registration

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced dancer we offer a wide variety of hip hop, breakdancing and lyrical classes.

Football Registration

Football teaches youth many important skills for life. Opportunities are available throughout the year, from our touch football league to our training camps.

Running Club Registration

This club is for all youth. Whether you want to get in shape, increase your skill in a potential sport, or just have fun. We welcome and encourage all youth to participate in this opportunity.

Special Needs Registration

We offer many activities for all, we are excited to share all we have.

Swish Basketball Registration

Our Swish basketball opportunities help develop and give youth the skills to play the game. We start the basic skills and development for boys and girls at the age of 5 years old.